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New Directions in the Study of American Independent Cinema

New Directions in the Study of American Independent Cinema is a one-day symposium organised by the Department of Communication and Media at the University of Liverpool being held on the 12/12/2011.

Date: 12/12/2011

Time: 11:30am – 7:30pm

Venue: The Rendall Building, University of Liverpool

Fee: £30 (£20 student rate)

Keynote Address:

“The Politics of Independence: Jane Fonda, The China Syndrome (1979) and Anti-Nuclear Campaigning” - Peter Krämer (University of East Anglia)

Panel 1 – Re-thinking Independence:

“Contesting Independence: Hal Ashby, Creative Conflict and Negotiated Authorship” – Phil Drake (University of Stirling)

“From Independent to Specialty: House of the Devil (Ti West, 2009), the Grind-House Aesthetic and the Niche Horror Film” – Sarah Wharton (University of Liverpool)

“New Line Cinema, Old Queer Cinema: Problems in the Periodisation of Contemporary American Independent Film” – Gary Needham (Nottingham Trent University)

Panel 2 – Converging Independence:

“‘Greening’ American Independent Cinema” – Claire Molloy (University of Brighton)

“The impact of media convergence on the distribution of American independent cinema: A case study of The Darjeeling Limited (2007, Anderson) and Hotel Chevalier (2007, Anderson)” – Hayley Trowbridge (University of Liverpool)

“American Independent Cinema in the Age of Convergence” – Yannis Tzioumakis (University of Liverpool)

Further Information:

For more information on the conference including booking details, check out the official website.

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